Rock Fitness is excited to announce a limited private ownership investment opportunity to its members and customers. 

We have been listening to everyone and have a lot of upgrades and improvements planned to benefit all of our members. This may include but not limited to:

-Air Conditioning, Ninja Warrior courses, showers/saunas, food/drinks, additional climbing walls, and more!

Instead of waiting multiple years to be able to do these upgrades, we have decided to open Rock Fitness to private investors and do these upgrades/improvements as soon as possible! This also allows for a unique opportunity for a limited amount of members and customers to own a part of Rock Fitness as an investment opportunity. Please book and attend one of these upcoming presentations in August and September to find out more info. 

This presentation is limited to only 20 people, and for serious investors only please! We will have more presentations in the near future if it is still available.