What is it?

The RockTober Bouldering League is a chance for you to get together with your friends and see how you stack up against the rest of the community!

When is it?

-Over 4 weeks, you and your team will work together to send your hardest climbs on either Tuesday or Wednesday from 6-9pm. On the 5th week, we'll be throwing a League Party on Oct 30th! Complete with BBQ deliciousness, prizes, games and more!

-League dates are 10/1/19 - 10/23/19 with our Red Point Finals and League Party on the Oct 30th. 

-Registration closes on 9/30/19, register using link below or at the front desk!

  • 10/1 or 10/2 - Mandatory Captain Orientation & Rules Meeting at 5:30pm

  • 10/8 or 10/9

  • 10/15 or 10/16

  • 10/22 or 10/23

  • 10/30th - Red Point Finals / League Party / Awards

How does it work?

-Easy! Simply form a team of 3-5, select a team captain, have them register online and pay the appropriate fees. Select Tuesday or Wednesday at registration, and Tadah! You're ready to go. (You can’t switch days throughout the season. You are locked to the day you originally chose).

-Your team can be made up of any ability level of climbers! Each climber on your team will be placed in a category: Recreational, Intermediate, or Advanced.  We will have 15 distinct boulders (5 for each category) every week. Only the top 3 scorers from each team are counted every week.

-This system ultimately means that teams made up entirely of beginners can still CRUSH the advanced climbers!


-Each team must have an assigned team captain. This team captain is responsible for your team! He or She will attend the rules meeting on 10/1 or 10/2 and will turn in score cards each day.

-Each boulder will be worth 1 - 5 points. You’re awarded these points for completing the boulder. 

-Scores are all normalized, so climb your hardest and you’ll score well!

-Each team will be given score cards on the day of the week they are competing, you will use these to track your scores & attempts throughout the competition. Only your top 3 scoring team members scores count! 

-Your whole team must compete on one day! If your teammate(s) cannot attend your chosen day, they won’t be scored! Attendance is huge!

-You have the opportunity to score up to 5 additional points per week for your team if you climb in costume! That is, each costume wearer can receive one extra point per week.

Other Details:

-Cost is $25 per member and $65 per non member. This includes entry to all 4 league sessions, potential winnable prizes and potential qualified entry to Red Point Finals.

-Free agents are welcome, but we’d recommend having a team when registering.

-League dates are 10/1/19 - 10/23/19 with our Red Point Finals and League Party on October 30th. 

-Registration closes on 9/30/19, register using link in bio or at the front desk!